Attendees of our Live & On Demand Seminars talk about Francis Burton Doyle, Esq., WealthPLAN

Frank Doyle has a great reputation in the community regarding trusts and estates, which having now seen and heard him for the first time I can fully understand and vouch for! He has complete mastery of the subject and communicates it well. This seminar met my expectations and is relevant.

Marc L. Shea


The instructor (Frank Doyle) is clearly knowledgeable of this complex area of law. I wish there was more time! He is very pleasant to listen to and learn from…

Patricia Ora-May


Using the hypothetical case studies was a great benefit in the classroom. Seeing sample forms of trusts and questionnaires is helpful. I’d like even more samples. Mr. Doyle easily clarified the special powers in relation to 2041 and the use of separate trusts. Excellent seminar.

Esther Su


Good presentation. I really liked going through the hypothetical, seeing how everything fits together. It was also helpful to have the revocable trust example to see where the clauses fit in the trust document.

Ellen Cookman


Each of these seminars offer practical knowledge and great overall coverage of the basics. Frank, the presenter, is obviously a seasoned pro in the field and clear in his presentation of concepts. The courses were very relevant—this is the best MCLE series I have ever attended in my career…

Sepi Ghiasvand


Participating in the Integrated Estate Planning Seminar Series has allowed me to learn both the basics and the advanced elements of estate planning. The way that the presentation is separated by AudioCD tracks for each subject, allows the listener to easily review a particular topic. Mr. Doyle exhibits excellent skills and knowledge of the estate-planning field, especially the “real life” experience of 30+ years in practice. He answered all of my questions regarding property transmutation and trust property allocation after the death of the grantor…

Duyen Nguyen


The program subject matter throughout is presented in a very real, down-to-earth, nuts and bolts manner. The seminar leader said: here’s what you do, why you should do it this way and conversely, what you should not do. All four of the IEP seminars provide insight into all aspects of estate planning…

Jules Tupaj

IRS Attorney

A great amount of information was presented and the pace was great. The instructor allowed for questions and spent a lot of time satisfying questions. The workbook is excellent and will be very helpful with great resources for how to cover trustee issues and possibly keep from litigation…

Gail Moser


Many of the issues that were covered were new to me. The forms you provided are very helpful for immediate use in my practice…

Nguyen Cong Binh


Nice voice, good handling of questions, Frank’s practical experience was very helpful…

Garrett Riegg


The Integrated Estate Planning Seminar Series offered me an opportunity to learn a complex area of law at my own pace. I have now successfully added this specialty to my expanding practice. Mr. Doyle is a gifted educator and a very astute attorney…

Leigh White


Excellent speaker, superb knowledge of subject.

Katherine C. Napoli



Attendees of our Life Management Consulting Group, Legacy & Business Succession Planning seminars talk about Mary G. Anderson, Life Management Consulting Group & Advanced Legal Training Institute

Mary was a guest speaker at the Santa Clara County Estate Planning Council meeting last week. Her presentation on the importance of creating a legacy will for my family inspired me. She is a gifted speaker, writer and trainer. I hope that she returns again as a guest speaker. Thank you Mary. I am going to add Legacy Planning to the list of my client services.

Paul Pelosi

Attorney, Estate Planning, San Jose, CA

Mary presented a Legacy Seminar to a group of our clients last fall. She talked about the importance of end-of-life planning and writing a legacy will. By sharing her stories, her audience was entertained, educated and energized. We plan to have her back again.

Leslie Sugai

Partner, Attorney, Los Gatos, CA

Mary is a very skilled consultant and leader. She has coached me through finishing graduate school, creating my business plan and successfully launching a fine art career. She is a human Google with a wealth of management and life experience. I trust her to support my career and encourage my self development.

Kelley Richardson

Fine Artist/Photographer, Santa Cruz, CA

The Denver Nurses Association was the perfect platform for Mary to talk about managing work/life balance and challenges. She is an inspirational speaker, gifted storyteller and very entertaining. She provides important information with humor. I will definitely hire her again to speak to our group.

Katherine Manart

RN, Intensive Care, Denver, CO

Working in collaboration with Mary on a variety of management consulting projects over the years has allowed me to see up close what a gifted leader she is. Mary is able to quickly identify what actions are required to get a project moving forward. She is able to quickly capture the essence of the proposed result and motivate either individuals or a team to focus on the goal and deliver the results. I use the simple but profound time management principles that Mary’s has taught me in my work each day.

Chrys Smith

Human Resource Director, Bank of America, San Mateo, CA

For me, hiring Mary as my coach has provided a private and ongoing weekly check in meeting to focus on the process, systems and resources that I am using to reach my goals. Mary, as the coach, provides the feedback, support and reward system that continues to inspire me throughout the week. I could probably handle most all of the challenges and pressures of my work but I have a unique and valuable person to support me to achieve the financial results that I am measured on. Thanks Mary, you’re the best.

Margaret Saunders

Information Technology Director, School of Medicine, Stanford University, Palo Alto, CA